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Top New Year Resolutions for Software Developers

Last updated on January 4, 2017

Practice your coding skills: Yes, Yes. I know. You may already be a proficient developer but it’s always good to hone
your skills. You can practice code katas or go over open source codes.

Learning a new Programming Language: If you are a C# developer, Learn Java. If you are Azure Administrator, Learn AWS or PCF. Learn to code applications in Arduino or RPi

Master a new life skill: Pick a new life skill and try mastering it. It can be a new skill like “Organization” or brush up your rusty old skill like swimming.

Improve your typing skills:
This is another skill that we put into use in our day to day activities. Improving the typing skills and learning the Shortcuts of the ISE that you use will not only improves the productivity but also good for the posture

Invest time in a non-technical Skill or Hobby: Invest time in a hobby of your choice. If you like music, restring your old guitar and play it. If you are into Photography, Grab your gears and get out. Have a hobby that’s completely unrelated to software.

Sleep Regularly: I try to sleep at least eight hours if not more. Ample rest will increase the productivity considerably.

Exercise as much as you can: You need not spend hours in a gym. You can start simple like getting a standing desk or using restroom that’s in a different floor or schedule walking meetings.

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